Cooley Productions International

GoodColour.ca is a web portfolio and video archive produced by Cooley Productions International, a Canada-based news agency covering a wide array of areas such as international business, transnational crime, investigations; articles on the mining and supply of gemstones in Southeast Asia, digital marketing, and more.

Cooley Productions International operates in Ottawa, Canada but also maintains bureaus in Bangkok, Thailand and Myitkyina, Myanmar. The company also undertakes special research projects for individual clients.

GoodColour.ca serves as a web portal to articles and documentaries produced by Sam Cooley, a former foreign correspondent who has worked for various U.S. and Canadian news agencies since 2010.

Cooley is a google-certified DevOps Engineer and works in the IT industry in Canada. His production company still operates in Kachin State, Northern Myanmar.

He is the recipient of two Ontario Newspaper Awards, 2016.